Government of close door security meetings with no solution — Sani takes aim at Buhari

Senator Shehu Sani thinks Buhari's constant close door security meetings aren't providing solutions to the country's security problems.

Friday, July 5, 2019

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Senator Shehu Sani 
The security situation in Nigeria has become a major cause for worry especially when the masses seem at a loss on government’s efforts toward providing the protection they swore on oath to provide.

The Boko Haram of late Yar Adua's era are still with us and going strong. Rate of kidnapping is at an all time high. There's also the case of communal clashes and herdsmen attacks in the MiddleBelt. The list seem inexhaustible. Yet, there's leadership in the country.

President Mohammadu Buhari came at a time the security situation has turned some part of the country against the previous government as Nigerians seek for someone they believe is more capable and brutal in tackling security challenges in the country. The belief that Buhari's military background gives him an edge over the 'tepid' GEJ, also won over voters in favour of the former Army General.

However, since replacing Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, nothing has really changed. In fact, the situation has worsen with surge in kidnappings, banditry, and herdsmen attacks adding to the misery Nigerians were hoping would become a thing of the past.

There has been security meetings on almost daily basis as noted by Shehu Sani in the tweet above. There has been increase in military funding in the war against Boko Haram and other security threats in the country as well. Yet, nothing has changed.

We've heard Buratai accused soldiers of apathy. We've heard of Buhari's administration paying a certain group in the country to stop their killing spree. Isn't this a sign that the retired military General and president of the world's most populous black nation is out of ideas on how to address the nation's security challenges? Or could it be that the president simply doesn't care about those being killed?

But there's also the question of who actually rules the country. We've heard of cabals in the villa whose scripts the president simply follows. And oh, there's also that thing about a man named Jubril of Sudan. But who is surprised? Things like this happen especially when the government and the governed live in two different worlds. Perhaps Buhari isn't living up to expectations because he's not actually the one in charge?

To many Nigerians who fell victim of the current security situations in the country, it would take something extraordinary to convince them that the current Buhari government has kept its promise of addressing Nigeria's security challenges if voted to power back in 2015. No wonder Buhari said recently, that he's having a difficult time selling his government's achievements to Nigerians.

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