Group, Buhari's supporters split over the re-appointments of Boss Mustapha and Abba Kyari

There's a bit of fuss over Buhari's re-appointment of Kyari and Mustapha among folks from Buhari's camp.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

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Abba Kyari retains his seat as Buhari's Chief of Staff
President Mohammadu Buhari has yesterday, announced the re-appointment of his old trusted buddies, Boss Mustapha and Abba Kyari through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and publicity Mr. Garba Shehu.

The re-appointment of the duo did not seem to go down well with a section of the nation's population including Buhari's loyalists who feel the duo where solely responsible for Buhari's failure to deliver his 2015 campaign promises to Nigerians.

One Buhari supporter with the name Isa Agarr, in particular, has accused the president of 'exhibiting total incompetence' for re-appointmenting people who according to him, 'ruined' Buhari's first term in office. He said, "Mr President Sir, what you did is a total exhibition of incompetence that your are being alleged of. What nonesense! ABBA Kyari and Boss Mustapha that virtually ruined your first term administration!
Muhammadu Buhari I have never been disappointed in you like today!"

Mr Kyari in particular is mostly viewed as the cabal and de facto president with Buhari acting like a puppet. Kyari is the prime target whenever the words " Aso Rock Cabal" is mention in any public discourse. Others even express doubt whether Buhari is even aware of the appointments since he's personally under the control of the cabal himself.

Irrespective of your thoughts on the re-appointment of the aforementioned individuals, it appears some Nigerians living far from the shores of the country seem satisfied with the performances of both Mustapha and Kyari, and hailed the president for Thor re-appointment.

The group known as Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group said the re-appointments of Boss Mustapha and Abba Kyari is a step in the right direction, and a testament of the president’s resolute commitment to entrench the gains made so far by his administration in the past four years.

In a statement signed by the President, Clifford Ogbonna, after an extraordinary emergency general meeting in London, the United Kingdom, on Saturday, the group said:

“The reappointment of Abba Kyari and Boss Mustapha came as no surprise to the Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group given the fact that their activities were closely monitored in the last dispensation by the Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group through the constant evaluation of the quality of work emanating from these two offices especially as it concerns government business in Nigeria.

"President Muhammadu Buhari has indeed exhibited an enduring legacy of selfless service by his ability to identify those that are genuinely committed to the Nigerian cause and not pressured by the court of public opinion in appointing and reappointing individuals into sensitive positions of authorities,” the group said.

It is unclear the metrics used by group to rate Boss Mustapha and Kyari's performance to justify their respective re-appointments. However, the fact that Buhari's supporters are split over the re-appointment of the duo, speaks volume.

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