BREAKING: Ruga Project halted amid outcry and rejection by Nigerians

Buhari has placed his controversial Ruga Settlement program on hold.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

/ by National Pivot

It's been a while since something this controversial hits the Nigerian masses. The fact that the Buhari administration easily gets its way against the wishes of the masses since coming to power in 2015, but is forced to suspend the proposed Ruga settlement scheme, speaks a great deal of volume that Nigerians are finally waking up to reality that in a democracy, power actually belongs to the people.

There has been a great outcry and the seeming misconception about the Ruga Settlement Projects, which according to the Buhari administration, is designed to stem the tide of herdsmen/farmers clashes across the country.

A report by THISDAY says president Mohammadu Buhari having realized that the idea did not go down well with Nigerians particularly from the south, engaged in consultations with stakeholders after which he resolved to put away the idea for a 'thorough review' and perhaps use a more convincing approach.

The misconception of the Ruga Settlement Project possibly stemmed from the suspicion that Fulani tribe is aiming to infiltrate the south and subsequently wage war against the natives much like the current situation in the MiddleBelt. The fact that the Buhari led government hasn't done much to halt herdsmen attacks in the country, also played a key part as Nigerians are made to believe that the presidency probably has a hand in the activities of herdsmen in the country. In fact, there had been recent claims that helicopters were sighted dropping weapons to herdsmen in the Eastern part of the country.

In as much as Nigerians would want solutions to end clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country, the current climate where the Fulanis are believed to harbor secret agendas will no doubt be a stumbling block unless Nigerians find a reason to trust Buhari again.

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