Someone should remind Buhari that prevention is still better than cure — Omokri

The Buhari administration has been struggling to address insecurity and crime in the country since coming to office in 2015.

Friday, July 19, 2019

/ by National Pivot
Reno Omokri believes focus on education and youth development is the solution to ending crime in the country.
It's no news that rate of crime in the country has skyrocketed since the second coming of President Muhammadu Buhari as a democratically elected president in 2015. Beside the activities of Boko-Haram and other security threats in the country, there's also surge in cyber crime especially among youths who would use unemployment as an excuse, and thus would do anything to survive.

While achieving success through illegitimate means is outright wrong, government’s inability to reduce unemployment rate in the country must not be ignored. And that's exactly what Reno Omokri is implying when he sort to remind President Muhammadu Buhari that prevention is better than cure.

Omokri who served as aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan said arresting people over crimes is not an ideal solution to ending crimes. He suggested that if Buhari prioritizes education and youth development, he wouldn't need EFCC to about arresting people.

He said, "General Buhari's focus is on arresting people. That is why the EFCC is on an arresting spree. But PREVENTION is better than CURE. If General Buhari funds EDUCATION and YOUTH DEVELOPMENT the way he funds EFCC, crime will reduce drastically."

Omokri's advice somewhat resonates Jonathan's claim during his 2015 campaign trail where he said, fighting corruption is not about arresting and jailing people, but about shutting the means from which corruption thrives.

Unfortunately, Buhari prefers the former. Whether or not he'd take Omokri's advice remains to be seen.

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