The last man to arrest Obasanjo never lived to tell the story — Omokri cautions Buhari

Reno Omokri reminds Buhari of the last time Obasanjo was arrested.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Reno Omokri condemns call for Obasanjo's arrest. 
Calls for Obasanjo's arrest has since drawn the ire of millions of Nigerians including big voices from the southern part of the country. Reactions trailing the call has been very tense with many wondering how the very group widely believed to have been the brain behind attacks by herdsmen in the country, be the very ones calling for the former president's arrest.

Fani Kayode has in an earlier reaction, said, Obasanjo's letter was very timely, and is in the best interest of the nation. He however, condemned the call for his arrest saying the north or those calling for his arrest should be careful what they're wishing for.

Reno Omokri will not be silent as well, as he also joins the rank of high profile voices from the south in condemning the call for the former president's arrest.

Omokri, an aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, said Buhari has made much worse life threatening remarks in the past but got away with it with no one calling for his arrest. How much more of an attempt at saving the nation from brink of collapse due to surging insecurity and divisiveness under the watchful eyes of Mr Integrity.

He said, "If Buhari is behind Miyetti Allah’s call for Obasanjo’s arrest, I remind him that the last man who arrested Obasanjo didn’t live to tell the tale. A Buhari who threatened that the dog and baboon will be soaked in blood has no basis to question Obasanjo's patriotism."

Reno Omokri describe himself as" Buhari’s tormentor", something he definitely has been doing despite saying his former boss had to call him, and told him to take it easy with the president.

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