Ruga Settlement: It will be unto you, what you do unto others — Mohammed cautioned

If it's not working the easy way, why not the hard way?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

/ by National Pivot
Buhari wants Ruga Settlement built across the country to resolve herders-farmers clashes

The uproar generated by the proposed Ruga Settlement has ultimately mirrored the true state of the nation where it is now a North versus South issue. The north as expected, did backed their own by accepting the Ruga scheme without hesitation, while the South closed ranks to unanimously reject the proposal which many believed is in favour of a particular ethnic group over others. And by the way, why would government use public funds to establish Settlements across the country for an ethnic group with vast lands up north?

Yes, there has been farmers and herders clashes in the country for some years now, and it seem to have escalated since the Buhari government came to power. In each of these clashes, farmers most often end up in the receiving end of the invading herders who move around with sophisticated weapons. The Buhari administration claims the only way to resolve this disturbing situation in the country is to provide lands for the marauding Fulani herdsmen to settle, hence the Ruga ruckus from the four winds of the country.

In the heat of the debate on whether or not Ruga is a sensible proposal, it appears fellows from the north, particularly from the Fulani tribe have resorted to threats. They said should the south continue to reject Ruga, the situation in the country will turn ugly as it would become a tit for tat scenario.

Who didn't see that one coming? Actually threats by the north is nothing new. Some would argue that threat is the only way the north get its way when the going gets tough. And just in case you have forgotten, former President Jonathan admitted his concession of defeat wasn't because he lost the election, but to avoid bloodshed which the north is very well known for. So are we in some sort of forced marriage between the North and South?

It has been an established fact that Nigeria is not a united country. You do not have to look too far to realize this. But despite the glaring evidence that the forced union is just not working, we are still here, and the situation seem to be going downhill on each passing day.

The current political structure in the country puts Nigeria solely in the hands of the North. If you've been wondering why the Fulani tribe has been emboldened and is aggressively after southern lands, and funds it's radio and ruga projects with public funds, there you have it — they have Nigeria in the bag.

Therefore, threats by guys like Mohammed Buba should not come as a surprise. Unless the timidity and disunity of the South is dealt with, it would only be a matter of time until the violent take it by force.

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