Who did this to us? — Nigerians react as Buhari says he doesn't know most of his Ministers

Who did we offend in this country who did this to us. How did we end up with this man as a president

Friday, July 12, 2019

/ by Joe Adams
President Muhammadu Buhari 
Nigerians on social media react to President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment that he did not know most of the ministers he worked with during his first term in office.

President Buhari, after dinning with principal officers of the national assembly on Thursday night, had said he did not know most of the ministers he worked with during his first term in office.

He said that he only accepted their names as recommended by the party (APC).

But the president’s statement did not go down well with Nigerians as they storm our Facebook page to express their disgust.

Some described his statement as shameful and embarrassing to the country, while some insinuate that his statement is given Nigerians a clue that his next cabinet will be full of Northerners.

Below are their reactions:

Kelv Malik
Who did we offend in this country
who did this to us. How did we end up with this man as a president

Fabian Uwandu
Look at this man,That's means you are not in charge of your Government Is what a President of a powerful country like Nigeria is talking about this is another excuses to delay his government running again, Nawaooh for this government may God help us ,Baba go slow pls do some things

Jide Zaid
Laughable gaffe from PMB. He won't stop surprising me. If he is going to appoint only those he personally knows as Ministers, then we must be expecting all ministers to come from Daura local govt.

Jekwu Hansel Chukwueze
After spending 6months to search for them and you told the world you want to select those you know better???? Who did this to Nigeria????

Lawrence Anthony Agume
Are you the one really in the seat of power?do you really know what is going on in Nigeria.who is really behind all the rogue and destabilising decisions and programme in Nigeria?

Daniel Miles
President Buhari the same yesterday today and forever.... I wonder who and who will be on this ministerial list.
Of course the North is gonna dominate the list.
Since 1960 the Hausa and the Yoruba has been piloting the affairs of this country yet we move a step forward and 5 steps backward .
You see the old way isn't working, it's time for us to do what we gonna do to survive.

Ifeoma Oluku-iseh
Must you know them?? Are you friendly with Nigerians?? In other words you want to give appointment to only your people that you know of. Parochial leadership.

Jide Patrick Jnr
Since february that you were declared winner.. Four months we are still waiting for ministerial nominees.... You are a retrogresser

Olu Femi
Has your memory lost been restored? Are different from your ministers? Blind man!!!

John Onuekwusi
And after 4 yrear you are yet to know them. We are in trouble.

Anthony Adie
He is just taking his time to shop for Southerners that he will have complete confidence in and are capable of handing over the entire south over to the Fulanis without question. Credible ones are very hard to come by. Let give him some more time.

John Akingbeyiju
That shows people criticising the President of cabal in his government are right. How long shall we continue to entertain these excuses? 5years running on the platform of fantastic excuses!

Lauryne Maxwell
Must u know them. I hope u are not thinking of packing fulanis as ministers except u want this country destroyed and divided. What is wrong with this thing they call a president self, after all they are ur party men. U re the stranger. Are u from the moon? This man is a total failure.

Itohowo Christopher
This is shamefuu..

Niminabo Higgwe
Do you even know yourself??

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