You can't give birth to children and send them to beg on the streets — Gov Sule warns parents

Sunday, July 7, 2019

/ by Joe Adams
Governor Abdullahi Sule 
Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule has warned parents to stop giving birth to too many children without taking good care of them.

He warned that parents who give birth to children and subject them to begging will face sanction.

The governor stated this on Saturday while appearing on weekend file of the NTA program where he bares his mind on the concept of Almajiri system of education in Nigeria.

He said that the Almajiri system of education is completely misunderstood, same way the Ruga project which came with good potentials was misunderstood by Nigerians and the government have to back out.

According to him “government must established that it is a crime to abuse a child, it is a crime to bring children to this world and send them to Almajiri system where you cannot take care of them.

“It is a crime to send children on the street begging, that is what we are trying to do, parents must take responsibility, you can’t bring children to this world and dump them somewhere and expect somebody else to take care of them, so parents must not shy away from responsibility” he said

He explained that in Nasarawa state where Almajiri system has become a menace and security threats, his government is approaching insecurity in three different ways which include providing job through agriculture , vocational and technical skills as well as ensuring that parents who send their children to Almajiri school are able to take care of such children and a bill to that effect will soon be in place.

He vowed that Nasarawa state government under his leadership will make sure that begging on the street is a crime, adding that the rights of children must be protected.

The governor said that begging is not part of the concept of Almajiri system of Islamic education, he therefore shifted the blame on parents who give birth to children and dump them into begging in the name of Almajiri system.

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