If Buhari ask you to do something, don't trust him — Sani advices Nigerians

Sani advices Nigerians to be careful of government which does not back its words.

Friday, December 27, 2019

/ by National Pivot

President Muhammadu Buhari’s actions and inaction in recent times has given critics so much to talk about. Not even his old buddies are playing nice anymore, and you can reach out to Sahara Reporters for details. But the current government is so powerful that it remains unmoved by the volume of negativity surrounding it.

Who would have thought that Nigerians would be this powerless under Buhari than they were under his predecessor?

Reno Omokri in a recent outburst following a directive by the CBN to commence charging fees for bank deposits of over N500,000, called Nigerians "cowards" for losing their teeth under an administration whose flesh deserves to be ripped open, but never held their peace until Jonathan's administration, which was by far better than the current one, was brought down.

On his own part, Senator Shehu Sani who like Sowore, enjoyed good relations with the APC and the Buhari administration until things fell apart, has been one of the most vocal critics of the Buhari administration in recent times.

Sani in his recent criticism of the Buhari administration's policy to shut the nation's borders in a bid to improve local patronage and bolster the agricultural sector, said the problem with the current government is its lack of simple logical reasoning when making vital decisions.

He said a government under whose watch insecurity thrives, is asking the poverty ravaged and endangered masses to go back to farm, a place now known as the den of kidnappers. He said, the problem is not going to the farm, but actually coming back from it, something government cannot guarantee.

He said, "They closed the border and want people to go back to the farm; There’s no problem with going to the farm, the problem is coming back from the farm."

The reasoning behind the current administration's policies is seen by critics as very strange and abnormal, but why the government which claims it wants to end suffering in the country continues to enforce such harsh policies, is something only time can explain.

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