Those who want to keep power in the North should be ready to keep fire — Izuogu

It is all heating up even though 2023 is still 3 years away.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

/ by National Pivot

It is all heating up even though we are barely a year into Buhari's re-election. The Southwest wants power, so does the Southeast, but the North says power is going nowhere despite being the only region to have ruled the nation the most times since independence.

With all the drama, schemes and counter schemes by the three regions, we sure have a pretty tense years ahead of us.

DR Ezekiel Izuogu, a brilliant electrical engineer and inventor, designed and developed the Z-600, first African indigenous manufactured car, has said efforts by the North to further hold on to power can only put the nation in a dangerous state as other regions won't simply sit back and watch. He said Northern politicians who insist on power remaining in the North are simply justifying the claims that Nigeria's unity is a scam.

Izuogu made the statement when asked by Daily Sun that some Northern elders still insist on power remaining in the North beyond 2023.

He said, "They don’t wish Nigeria well. All such people do not wish the country well, they are enemies of Nigeria.

"Tanko Yakassai is one of the leaders in the progressive movement and I respect him very highly, but I am disappointed by the type of things he is saying in recent times.

"Sometimes I begin to wonder whether it’s Tanko Yakassai that is saying all those things attributed to him.

"I want to meet him and discuss with him because I am so surprised by what he is saying these days.

"I thought that he was one of the progressive elements in Nigerian politics…how can he be saying all that he has been saying concerning the presidency remaining in the North in 2023?

"Same to all of them that are saying such things. I think they are people who don’t wish Nigeria well. They should stop saying that in the interest of Nigeria."

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