Sharia Law is unacceptable — PM Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is against Sharia as Buhari's administration seek constitutional review.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

/ by National Pivot

While a heavily backward country like Nigeria is preoccupied with teaching Sharia Law in our schools and even calling for a constitutional review to accommodate the 'peculiarities' of Sharia law in the country, our colonial masters on the other hand, have no room for Sharia, and probably won't any time soon.

Religion has been blamed for disunity in the country as Christians and Muslims continue to struggle to accommodate each other despite persistent calls for a peaceful coexistence.

Things got even worse since the second coming of Buhari whose actions and policies are believed to be part of a grand plan to Islamize the country.

His indifference in the face of brutal attacks on Christians by his Fulani kinsmen in some parts of the country, and the appointment of Muslims to head key agencies of government including the security and the Judiciary, has left nothing to the imagination that indeed, something is in the works.

The President's hand picked CJN, Tanko Ibrahim, recently advocated for the teaching of Sharia in schools and a constitutional review to accommodate the peculiarities of Sharia Law. In a follow-up to the CJN's call, MURIC and Islamic scholars in the country threw their weight behind the CJN, with MURIC in a bid to justify the call, saying Muslims are tired of Nigeria's 'Christianized Constitution'.

The United States in a reaction to these latest developments in the country, placed Nigeria on its Special Watch-List (SWL) as a country where there is severe violations of religious freedom — an indication that the Buhari administration’s excesses is beginning to attract foreign interests.

The UK has recently condemned the Buhari administration for its tyrannical style of leadership, and definitely won't like the United States, tolerate the violation of religious freedom should the current government continue to persecute Christians in the country.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson who as a former Mayor of London, opposed Sharia Law in the UK, saying it is 'unacceptable', and that the rights of everyone must be respected under the same existing Justice System in the country.

Responding to suggestions that elements of Sharia would be incorporated in British law, he said, "That is unacceptable to me. Everybody must be equal under the law, and everybody must obey the same law. That is absolutely cast-iron.

"The idea of a parallel system of law, a parallel judicature, people making the laws holding to a different system, is absolutely unacceptable, it's alien to our traditions."

Boris Johnson's outright opposition to Sharia, sends a clear message to the Buhari administration that Islamizing Nigeria won't come cheap, and might never happen.

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