Buhari's government is full of nonsense — Furious Soyinka declared

He said what we have is a government without focus.

Monday, February 17, 2020

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Prof Wole Soyinka has yet again, hit hard at the Buhari administration saying it is full of nonsense and people who do not know what to prioritize. He said the only thing the Buhari administration knows how to do, is waste funds on things that do not benefit Nigerians but it's own interests.

Soyinka made the statement during an interview session with Plus TV Africa, on the ongoing prosecution of Sowore by the government over last year's peaceful #RevolutionNow protest, but which the Buhari government considers as threatening.

Soyinka lamented that the government was wasting the nation's resources to prosecute the case.

He also condemned the bail conditions Sowore was admitted to, which includes his confinement to Abuja even though Sowore had no place of residence in that city.

He said, "I don't understand why this young man is being barricaded in one city that is not his own with very stringent bail conditions and the whole exercise, this is punitive and petulant.

"The case is time-wasting and person-wasting and also wasting the time of lawyers who could be attending to far more serious cases.

"Definitely, time-wasting and wasting of public expenses and attention on serious issues."

Soyinka, who was at the court to witness the trial last week, berated the prosecuting team for displaying lack of readiness to get done with the matter.

He added, "The prosecution was obviously not prepared to move on after this long adjournment and to see the fireworks they have in their stock but we didn't, I can't understand this nonsense."

Soyinka described Buhari as one, who wakes up late to happenings in the country.

The Buhari administration is in the crosshairs over failure to tackle growing insecurity in the country, but is quick to attack whatever he considers as threat to his government.

The Presidency's rejection of Operation Amotekun has also drawn backlash from the Nobel Laureate who said there wouldn't have been a need for regional security outfits if the Buhari government had done its job.

He said, “Amotekun is a result of meetings to curb menace in the region. Some people who have been sleeping all this time, taking belated actions while villages are been wiped out are now telling us this…that people do not have right to flush out the evil ones among them which the exiting security outfits have not been able to do.

“I think they should go back to sleep because Amotekun has come to stay,” he added.

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