Dear Buhari, I am tired of defending you — Udom shocked his followers

They probably never saw it coming.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

/ by National Pivot

George Udom, a public figure and top Buhari supporter from Akwa Ibom State has shocked his over a hundred thousand facebook followers by finally summoning the courage to join the wailing camp following Buhari's failure to end insecurity in the North as promised before his victory in 2015.

Udom who admittedly has stood behind the Buhari administration despite all the negativities surrounding its government, is one of many who have grown weary of defending Buhari's misrule since succeeding Jonathan in 2015.

In a facebook post published on his page he said, "DEAR BUHARI, I’M GEORGE UDOM AND I’M TIRED OF DEFENDING YOU!"

"I have transcended from being a little bit pi*sed to a point where I’m beginning to loose hope."

"Borno gave you 95% Vote, you promised to protect their lives, so WETTIN HAPPEN?"

The growing insecurity in the country particularly attacks from a somewhat rejuvenated Boko Haram, kiIIer herdsmen, kidn*ppings and banditry has sadly become the face of the Buhari administration.

In a wave of attacks since the turn of the year, Boko Haram has on Sunday kiIIed innocent travelers in Auno town in Borno State without facing any sort of resistance from Nigerian soldiers who happened to be withdrawn from the area.

Governor of the State, Babagana Zulum, had on Monday, made clear his disappointment with the handling of the security situation in the State while blaming the Nigeria soldiers for the Sunday night attack by the t*rrorist group.

He said, “I am being pushed to the wall to say the truth,” the governor said in anger.

“Since my inauguration as the governor of Borno State from May 29th to date, Auno town has been attacked for about six times now. And the reason is that the military has withdrawn from Auno town.

“We have made repeated plea to the military to re-establish a base in Auno since it is one of the flashpoints of the Boko Haram, but nothing has been done to that effect.”

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