Don't tell us your magic wand has broken — Sani tells Buhari

Things are falling apart for Buhari's administration.

Friday, February 14, 2020

/ by National Pivot

What started as a promising government has somewhat crumbled 5 years down line. Nothing gives a better picture of how far the Buhari administration has fallen than hearing his very own strong base shout on top of their voices saying ‘Ba ma so’ in Hausa, which if translated in English, would mean ‘we don’t like it’, a way of saying President Muhammadu Buhari is no longer welcomed in the State (Borno).

But Borno residents are not the first to probably recover from the spell of the broom which swept the entire North in 2015. Even political heavy weights who help Buhari achieved his dream of ruling Nigeria for a second time, have lost faith in the retired General's administration.

One top fan of the President from Akwa Ibom State, George Udom, has also expressed his disappointment with the President saying he is tired of defending Buhari after years of giving his administration the benefits of doubt, amidst at*acks from folks who accuse him of ins*nity due to his loyalty to the Buhari administration.


"I have transcended from being a little bit pi*sed to a point where I’m beginning to loose hope."

"Borno gave you 95% Vote, you promised to protect their lives, so WETTIN HAPPEN?"

With things seemingly falling apart for the Buhari administration, his former buddy Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna State, wonders what happened to the President's magic wand saying Buhari shouldn't give excuses for his failures since he rode his way to power with the promise to tackle insecurity, particularly, Boko Haram within months of coming into office.

In a post on Twitter, Sani said, "Insecurity was the major factor used for the ejection of the past administration and the most attractive reasons for the installation of the present one; Those who promised to perform instant miracles should not deny or give excuses of not having the magic wand."

President Muhammadu Buhari is under mounting pressure to sack the nation's security chiefs over failure to record meaningful results in the f*ght against Boko Haram insurgents in the North. The president however, remained adamant, with Buratai saying sacking security chiefs is no solution to ending security challenges in the North.

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