I will not stop exposing this evil government even at gun point — Galadima talks tough

Buba Galadima is currently not a happy man.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Engr. Buba Galadima who is National Chairman of the Reformed-All Progressives Congress (R-APC) and estranged political associate of President Muhammadu, has said in an interview with BBC Hausa Service, that the Buhari administration cannot humiliate and intimidate him and get away with it. He said even at gun point, he'll not be deterred from exposing the ills of the current government.

Galadima made the statement following the takeover of his company and house by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

He said: “I was awarded a contract to purchase and supply fertilizer during Ibrahim Shekarau’s led administration in Kano in 2003. I went to Tropical Commercial Bank to collect loans for purchasing the fertilizer. But I didn’t collect a kobo from them; and wherever I went to buy fertilizer with their credit letter they would tell me that they couldn’t take letter of credit from the bank.

“It continued until three years after, and all of a sudden, the bank sent me a bill that I had accrued interest of N349m. And they went to one Abuja court to force me pay back the interest. And there’s nothing I kept with them as collateral. The product was not supplied, hence there’s nothing to pay back.

“But the court gave them a judgement that since I was issued with the credit letter I must payback even if I didn’t collect any kobo.

“I went to Court of Appeal where it ruled in my favour and today it’s a year after that judgement, they neither appealed in the Supreme Court nor abided by the ruling. And they went back to the high court which granted them this document and they acted in such humiliating manner against me, political intimidation. I was humiliated. And I was chased out of my residence alongside 40 others – whom we’re living together with. So, today (yesterday) we may sleep on the street.

‘’We’ll remain here (outside/outdoors) for Nigerians to come and see for themselves the autocratic style of government that is going on in Nigeria.

‘’It’s just a political vendetta since I am an opposition figure, they are employing all tactics to abuse my person.

‘’I dare them that even if they will point a gun at me; I won’t care. And this very residence as well as my office, how have they come to know they belong to me that they put inscriptions on them? Let them go to court and prove the places belong to me or otherwise.

‘’The loan I requested from the bank was more than N170 million. And had I accessed that loan, by now I would have become as rich as Dangote or Abdulsamad.

‘’I would go back to court and seek redress for I may become rich from this case.’’

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