Living Faith: Nigeria may not recover from its injury — Sani

Shehu Sani expresses sadness over focus on suspect's identity.

Monday, February 3, 2020

/ by National Pivot

The recently failed attempt to b*mb a Living Faith Church in Kaduna State, by a suspected su*cide b*mber, has yet again split the nation into two, or better still, exposed how deeply divided the country has become.

While it is a good thing that no life was lost, it does seem however, that the identity of the suspect was more important to the public than the failed mission.

Speaking of the suspect's failed mission, there are sceptics who actually believe the mission was never meant to succeed in the first place. They argued that it was all designed to smear Christians who have been crying of persecution and plot to Islamize the country by the current Buhari government. The fact that the so so b*mb attempt was made on the same day CAN hit the streets in protest over rising insecurity and attacks against Christians, makes the whole thing shady.

Making the whole thing even more ridiculous is the quick statement released by MURIC, claiming the suspect who identifies as a Christian with the name Nathaniel Samuel, is a confirmation of the existence of Christian ter*orists in the country.

MURIC said, “This arrest is the outcome of our prayers for Allah to expose all those who are behind the b*mbıng of churches. We are not surprised that the suspect happens to be a Christian. We have said it on several occasions that there is a Christian version of Boko Haram. Christians b*mb churches and the whole world blame Nigerian Muslims for the atrocity.

“The arrest of Nathaniel Samuel for attempting to b*mb this church is not a new development. Victor Moses was arrested on 1st March, 2016 for spying for Boko Haram b*mbers. He confessed that he carried out surveillance before the b*mbıng of Madalla church in Abuja on 25th December, 2011. It must be noted that for every single arrest there must have been several successful crimes committed. There is no doubt that there are many other Christians warming up somewhere to b*mb churches and lay the blame on Muslims.

“But the arrest of a Christian attempting to b*mb a church makes mockery of the rally organized by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) yesterday. The rally was called ostensibly to protest against alleged rising insecurity in the country. But God works in wonderful ways.

“He exposed another plot by a fellow Christian to b*mb a church on the same day that CAN called for the rally. The coincidence is equally divine and it gives the impression that the rally itself was nothing but a hocus pocus.

“CAN would have exploded immediately in its usual self-righteousness if Nathaniel Samuel had succeeded in b*mbing the church yesterday. A world press conference would have been held this morning to blame the k*lling on Muslims.

“Also, there would have been screaming headlines in newspapers across the country : Boko Haram B*mbs Church Again: Hundreds K*lled! White House would have called Aso Rock: Why are you k*lling Christians?

“This scenario is becoming too ridiculous. It is turning our country into a bundle of contradictions. We say enough is enough. This hypocrisy in articulated religiousity must stop.

But Senator Shehu Sani was unimpressed, saying the shifting of focus to the suspect's identity, says a lot about how deeply religion has divided the country. He said religionizing tragedies is the sad reality of what Nigeria has become.

He said, "There are those who are not happy that the alleged b*mber ‘is not a Muslim’, there are those who are happy that the alleged b*mber ‘is a Christian’. We view our common tr*gedies via our religious lenses and prejudices and hence lost our common brotherhood and humanity.

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