COVID-19: FG wants to kill us with Hunger Virus — Nigerians cry out over plans to lock down the country

It's only going to get tougher for the world's poverty headquarters.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

/ by National Pivot

It is one of those difficult times in the history of humanity and Nigeria is having its own share of the economic crisis caused by the highly infectious COVID-19 disease, which originated from Chinese city of Wuhan.

Seemingly caught by surprise, world leaders are scrambling for solutions in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus which is currently spreading across the world like wildfire despite calls for social distancing.

Countries with larger populations fear the virus could get out of control if not well checked, and therefore, resorted to a complete lock down in addition to other strict measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Italy which top the list of countries hit the hardest by the virus, India, South Africa and a handful of others, have implemented a complete lock down measure to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

But a complete lock down and asking people to stay at home, comes with its own challenges. The people would need financial aids to stay afloat while confined to their homes.

In Nigeria, the world's headquarters for extreme poverty, locking down the country without commiserate measures to meet the basic daily needs of the people, will do more harm than the coronavirus itself.

Nigeria's former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has in a statement yesterday, called on the Buhari administration to provide palliatives to vulnerable Nigerians in order to aid their survival through the current health crisis.

A recent report by Daily Trust claims the Nigerian military is well locked and loaded in anticipation of federal government directive, to enforce total lockdown of the country to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Citing 'a top security source,' the report said military formations across the country have been put on red alert and asked to be ready for deployment of troops as may be required.

But Nigerians are left fuming over government's lack of plans to support the very same people they want to put under lock for only God knows how long. Some even wonder how a military which for years failed to lock down 'Sambisa forest' in their battle against Boko Haram, yet are all of a sudden, confident of locking down an entire country.

Ben Chilaka said, "Foolish government with foolish ideaπŸ˜₯... What have you put in place to curb citizens from dying of hunger.πŸ€”

"When you were busy banning importation of food. Now there is scarcity of food. FG has no food reserve store. Do you want all to die??😑

"Total lock down to stop virus spread with total starvation to kill all...πŸ™‰πŸ™†

"Penny wise palm foolish.
Abokis should not lead this nation again... They don't have any brain πŸ™„πŸ™„"

Ramatu Sani said, "How can the country be lockdown when an average man live on less than a dollar per day, how can that happen when many don't have foodstuffs in their homes, the government should think again and reverse it's order if not many will die of hunger than the said #covid-19"

Babagoni Sheriff said, "Total lockdown in nigeria will kill more people than the virus, mind you if hunger strikes, people will lose control and become agressive against the government laws."

Abdul Karim Zubairu said, "Nigerians have been docile for too long I hope this lockdown will wake them from their long sleep.By the time hunger push them from their houses to the street there will be no hiding place for the oppressors and their security forces"

Reuben Matthias said, "Lock down is not our problem but provide us with adequate food for as long as it will take. You can't lock down a country where poverty is always increasing on daily basis despite personal struggles. Pls the government should balance this before taking action."

Olawole Oyebode said, "They are jokers. What is the total number of our security personnel both the Army, air Force, Navy, Police, Civil Defence, Custom, Immigration etc???? They are not up to 2% of the total population of Nigeria. As a result, their impact can't be felt at a time across Nigeria since the whole cities, towns and rural areas are going to be lockdown. People will Dare them when hunger started killing people and no other options."

Hamza Umar Sunkani said, "I think revolution may start now, if poor Nigerians are forced to stay in their houses without having food stuff in their kitchen. Hungry man always be angry man"

Don Suraj said, "Total lockdown with long time corona poverty.. why Nigerian leaders don't look at thing from the poor man side? I strongly believe that if this corona virus affect only poor man, they will never bother in taking a serious measures like this. but the infection affect all, irrespective of weather u ar rich or poor, leader or follower, security personnel or civilian, employed and unemployed etc."

Cosmas Stimor said, "I hope the Lockdown doesn't turn out as protest, cus it's unlikely many Nigerians will cooperate. People will likely roam the streets than die of hunger inside home.. Talking about Lockdown without adequate measure to implement it and sustain lives of the people is ungodly, inhuman and senseless.."

Abaski Abdullahi said, "FG should better stop that nonsense. They are preventing people no to die by a deadly virus, and the same time sending people to die by hunger."

Anas Abdulazeez said, "What plans have they done regarding the welfare of the masses who can not afford their necessities during this period of time? Government should provide necessities to the masses if they want absolute compliance. People will not stay at home in hunger and starvation on the ground of Covid19 pandemic, because dangerousness of hunger and starvation is better than Covid19"

Onuche Ameh said, "Over 50 soldiers were killed by boko Haram on Monday yet the service chiefs are still there? They can't lockdown ordinary sambisa na d whole Nigeria they fit lockdown?"

Mazariyu Alhassan said, "With no security, no welfare, no electricity, no food,no no no no...... and too much poverty in the country .this is injustice."

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