It is a pity that Buhari is still Nigeria's President — Galadima

He said only a country like Nigeria can have people like Buhari as President.

Monday, March 2, 2020

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Engr. Buba Galadima who is National Chairman of the Reformed-All Progressives Congress (R-APC) and estranged political associate of President Muhammadu Buhari, has in an interview with Sunday Sun, said Nigerians had an opportunity to get rid of a bad government, but were forced to live with it for another four more years.

He said Buhari who foreknew that he has already been rejected by Nigerians who had to endure a torrid four years of 'clueless' leadership, crafted a well orchestrated and executed plan to ensure he remained president against the wishes of the people.

Galadima also made a startling revelation while explaining Buhari's plans ahead of the February 23rd election.

He said, "It is my candid opinion that the president never won this election because he did not allow a level-playing ground for elections to be conducted so that a genuine winner will emerge. He has set the tone. If not because Nigerians are forgetful, there is nothing we didn’t say when the Presidency and the National Assembly then were brick bating on the Electoral Law.

"As you are aware, that Electoral Law was a masterpiece by the National Assembly addressing all the loopholes and shortfalls within our electoral system starting from Lord Lugard to Jonathan.

"All of them were corrected, hoping that the president who conducted his 2015 presidential campaign on the premise of reforming our electoral system so that one man, one vote will prevail, he eventually refused to sign the Electoral Act for two years.

"And from there, I had been personally shouting to the rooftops that the refusal of Mr President to sign the Electoral Act portends danger because as I had then foresighted, it was because he personally and his group wanted to short-change Nigerians. And I never minced words about saying that.

"If anybody wanted a free and fair election, that person could have signed that Electoral Law which he refused to do. And not only that, after refusing to sign the Electoral Act, it still dawned on them that they had one obstacle because they may conduct the elections, if the judiciary is free, they may likely do what had happened in Kenya to them.

"So, they saw Justice Walter Onnoghen as the obstacle. And they identified him as an obstacle for one of the two reasons: One, despite intimidation and despite promises of whatever a Nigerian would want to call it, the man refused to give judgement to the then president in 2007 and gave judgement to General Buhari candidate.

"So, once they identified that that man would be an obstacle even if we rig the election, which they had planned to do ab initio, the man being chief justice is likely to reverse our victory.

"So, they fingered him and they booted him out because what they had accused Onnoghen of doing, I don’t think many judges, if subjected to that test, would pass, including the executive themselves. So, why do you punish somebody for an offence that you are guilty of? That is the situation.

On whether the loss was a PDP loss, Galadima said, "It is not that my party lost. No! Nigerians lost because it was an opportunity to get rid of a bad government."

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