Osun traditional worshippers appeasing gods over COVID-19

the sacrifice is prepared to save Nigeria and also the world from the pandemic of coronavirus.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

/ by Joe Adams
Traditional worshippers
The(TRAWSO), Osun State on Friday offered rituals to the gods to wane the spread of coronavirus in the world especially Nigeria.

A masquerader accompanied by some Ifa priests offered the propitiation in Osogbo, Osun state capital.

The masquerader carrying earthen pot which contained the propitiation also making enchantment to appease to the gods, to stop the spread of the pandemic in Nigeria and the world placed it carried from where it was prepared to a junction.

After the rite, the Vice president of the association, Chief Ojebowale Olojede explained that the propitiation is to allay the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and the world.

Chief Olojede said they have consulted the Ifa oracle and it has prescribed the needed things to do before they offered the sacrifice to the gods.

He said, “the sacrifice is prepared to save Nigeria and also the world from the pandemic of coronavirus.

” The masquerader that carried the propitiation is part of what the Ifa oracle recommended for the process.

“The heavy downpour of 2019 was what caused the pandemic because in the olden days whenever such happen the dry season that would follow there is going to be pandemic.”

According to our own deity, the entire world is divided into five and based on that we prepare the sacrifice that will halt the spread of coronavirus. He said.

However, Chief Olojede lamented that neglect of traditional worshippers for other religions has caused Nigeria and the world to be caught unaware.

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