We defeated Ebola in 2014 — Jonathan reacts to COVID-19 outbreak

Jonathan encourages Nigerians as coronavirus wrecks havoc across the world.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has left an encouraging message to Nigerians in the wake of surge in COVID-19 cases both locally and internationally.

The former president reminded Nigerians of the victory over the ebola outbreak in the African Continent some years ago, and assured that with unity of purpose, the country could still defeat the latest threat currently facing the nation.

He said in a facebook post, "Today our world faces a global crisis that threatens our peace, hope, and freedoms. Across the globe is the climate of fear, havoc, and consequences of a new enemy, Coronavirus Disease- COVID - 19.

"Dear Compatriot, this is not a time to fear or despair; it is a moment of responsibility, courage and faith. It is time to demonstrate good citizenship by yielding to relevant policies and guidelines put in place by government and its agencies to combat the challenge of COVID- 19.

"As a country, ours is a history of many triumphs in times of global and national challenges.In 2014, through solidarity and unity of purpose, we combated the dreaded Ebola virus.

"More than ever before, now is the time for action, solidarity and patriotism. Let's all brace up and work together to combat this new scourge COVID- 19."

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