COVID-19: I have never seen anything like this — Atiku

He said more sacrifices would have to be made.

Friday, April 24, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has in his Ramadan message to Muslims in the country, said the current challenges which forced the country into a lockdown, has never happened before in recent history, and called on Muslims in the country to brace up for tougher times ahead. He however, urged them to be ready to make more sacrifices as the country works toward ending the threat of covid-19.

He said, "This has not been the best of times for us as a people and as a nation. Ditto for the global community.

"The novel coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan in China has spread to no less than 210 countries and territories as at today.

"Sadly Nigeria has not been spared this scourge. Since our first incident case in February, we have seen the figure rise to 981 with 31 deaths as at April 23, 2020. The good news however is that thanks to our heroic healthcare workers, 197 of the cases have recovered.

"But we've had to make sacrifices, and much more is required of us in the days ahead if we must defeat the scourge of this plague. Our social life has been disrupted by lockdown of sections of our country and practice of social distancing.

"I urge the Muslim faithful to pray for the country at this difficult moment when the #COVID19 plague has paralysed every aspect of our social lives.

"And as you commence the fasting period, one of the mandatory sacrifices required of us, bear in mind this year's Ramadan comes at an extraordinarily tough moment for the Muslim Ummah because of the severe restrictions the coronavirus has imposed on us.

"This is a moment of trial because for the first time in our recent history, we have never seen anything like this in terms of limitations on the activities we once performed without hindrance.

"Unlike previous years, the 2020 fasting features, such as Iftar meal that Muslims share together everyday and every evening after breaking their fast would be affected because of the lockdown and social distancing policy brought about by the coronavirus outbreak.

"Against this background, I urge Muslims to be steadfast and adjust to the new reality imposed by the coronavirus disease. These challenges are a test of our faith and resilience in the face of tough times."

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