COVID-19: Those who say they're already used to suffering, have not seen anything yet — Timi Frank

This is a serious and disturbing revelation by Timi Frank.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

/ by National Pivot

It's not doomsday prophecy, or an ill will toward the country, but the reality staring Nigerians in the very eye. It is not uncommon to hear Nigerians say there's nothing they haven't seen yet in the country, and express their readiness to withstand further oppression and injustice from whoever is on power. But Fani Kayode would call that a classic example of a slave mentality.

It's true that Nigerians have been cheated for years and have been subjected to untold hardship simply because they chose to play nice. But time has proven that playing nice only emboldened political leaders in the country to keep on depriving the masses of the good life they deserve.

National Pivot had previously reported on the bleak economic reality Nigerians would have to deal with once the current covid-19 pandemic became a thing of the past.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria described the looming tragedy as an 'economic catastrophe' at a scale never before experienced in Nigeria's history. It's a prediction of course, but never without a base especially when you consider Nigeria's over reliance on oil money, and debt profile.

He said, "Oil-producing states could see chaos: with oil prices crashing even before Covid-19 hit, countries like Libya, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, and Venezuela could see economic catastrophes resulting in “political turmoil, refugees, even revolutions, on a scale we have not seen for decades."

But our leaders as usual, would feed on Nigerians' tolerance, by taking advantage of the current covid-19 pandemic, to milk the country dry.

There were already concerns that the billions of Naira already reportedly shared to poor Nigerians, is unaccounted for, as critics questioned the criteria used, and how the poor with no bank accounts were reached.

Yet another worrying revelation is a claim by a political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, saying presidential Taskforce on covid-19, are collecting the sum of N500,000 as daily allowance.

The former APC stalwart accused officials of the federal government of turning the current Coronavirus pandemic to a lucrative business.

Frank who made the accusation on his official twitter account, @RealTimiFrank on Wednesday, said each seating for every member of of the presidential taskforce committe is five hundred thousand.

He wondered how a government who has claimed that the country is broke could spend such amount daily.

"COVID-19 now profit making for federal Gov't. That's why they want to withdraw 150million dollars to share from our sovereign wealth fund.

"Each seating allowance for every member of the presidential taskforce committee is 500k daily. This is same Govt that claim they're broke."

Should the Buhari administration continue to fleece the nation in the name of fighting covid-19, while still seeking foreign loans, Nigerians truly, would have to brace for life after Covid-19 pandemic is over.

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