2023: A Sanusi or El-Rufai Presidency would be the final nail in the coffin — Azzaman

As Nigerians seem occupied with covid-19, northern powers have their eyes fixed on who succeeds Buhari come 2023.

Monday, May 11, 2020

/ by National Pivot

As Nigerians are seemingly occupied by reports of covid-19 and how to get their lives back, the eyes of the Nigerian ruling elites are still very much fixed on 2023, as arrangements on who succeeds president Muhammadu Buhari is said to be a top priority.

The likes of former Zamfara State Governor, Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima, has already made his 2023 presidential ambition, known.

Yerima in a previous interview with Daily Trust, said he understands Nigerians yearning for good leadership and governance, and that as a Nigerian, he is not only qualified, but also the right kind of leader Nigerians need in order to make meaningful progress.

But marketing himself to Nigerians would be Yerima's biggest hurdle thanks to his past records of being the pioneer of Sharia law in the country during his time as governor of Zamfara State.

With Nigeria's unity in its worst State due to the undoings of the Buhari administration since taking over from former president Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, Yerima is probably the last person Nigerians would want to gamble on, as far as issues of trust is concerned. Already according to popular opinions, Buhari has proven that a leopard truly cannot change its spots.

But then there is the prospects of dethroned Emir Sanusi and Governor El-Rufai, eventually becoming northern front runners come 2023. However, much like Senator Yerima, neither of the two can also be trusted, if past and current records are anything to go by. But surely, power must change hands unless for some reasons, a third term for Buhari becomes a reality.

A Kaduna based pastor, Ayuba Azzaman, who has been critical of governor El-Rufai in particular, as well as the northern agenda against Christians in the country, has voiced his concerns saying the last thing Nigeria needs is an El-Rufai or Sanusi Presidency come 2023.

In a facebook post shared on his Facebook page, he said, "Their (Northern elites) Plan initially was Elrufai but they have noticed Elrufai has lost Popularity in Southern Nigeria, while Sanusi Lamido Sanusi seem to be the New bride of Southern Nigeria.

"One thing with Christianity is we are very good at reaction, we are never proactive, when the facts are stiring us in the face we start complaining and shouting they are Islamising Nigeria, what are you doing too to Christianise NIGERIA, what are your plans for 2023? I believe none we just move any where the wind blows us.

"These Mallams are very proactive. They will plan many years before the time, as they deceive the Christian Politicians it is ONE NIGERIA they are working for.

"Reno Omokri have warned all of you about an Elrufai Presidency and somebody told me in Kaduna , Elrufai's Presidency would be a saint compared to Lamido Sanusi's Presidency. If you say Muhammadu Buhari is Islamising NIGERIA when any of these 2 guys become President , it would be total Islamisation Buhari's own is child's play believe me.

"Men Plan but God is the Greatest Planner. A NEW NIGERIA IS A MUST."

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