Almost a month later, real reason Kyari was so powerful in Buhari's gov't, has finally been revealed

It is now clear.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Next Sunday 17th of May, would make it exactly one month since Buhari's most trusted right hand man, and who was so powerful that he was regarded as the de factor president of the country, was announced de*d.

Late Malam Abba Kyari, was a man both liked and despised by Nigerians, but who was also referred to as the most misunderstood individual in Buhari administration by Buhari's personal assistant on new Media, Bashir Amad, and those who seem to know him better than his despisers.

Even Buhari's critic, Fani Kayode had good things to say about the late Chief of Staff. He said, "He said, "If only you knew how many lives he saved. If only you knew how he at least attempted to build bridges between Christians and Muslims and between northerners and southerners behind closed doors.

"If only you knew how hard he fought to ensure that the war against terror was properly waged. If only you knew the forces that opposed his moderate stand from within.

"If only you knew how much he was hated by some very key members of the Buhari administration who envied him and who felt that had it not been for him they could have pillaged the treasury far more than they were already doing and created even more enemies for the President than he already had.

"If only you knew that most of the rubbish being written in the media about him was being sponsored and spread to a gullible public by key members of the Buhari administrstion who were trying to discredit him and get the Presideht to fire him.

"Simply put had it not been for him many more lives would have been lost in the war against te*ror and many more people would have been kiIIed by Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen.

"God alone sees the heart and knows who is who. Let Him be the judge and let Him call each and every one of us to account for our deeds and misdeeds."

But not everyone shared the view that Kyari was a good man by any means. Fani Kayode did received some sticks for the good things he said about the late Chief of Staff.

But the question of how Kyari became such a powerful figure in the Buhari Presidency is something a good number of Nigerians have been trying to understand. If you are one of them, then the wait is over.

A recent tribute to the late Chief of Staff was published by Daily Trust, and it was quite revealing.

According to the article, Kyari was appointed for a specific reason, and as a loyal friend, he did his job to perfection.

The article claimed Kyari was appointed and programmed to do the four things below:

First he was not to allow the president’s wife share the presidential limelight with the president. His brief here was to ensure she stayed within the straight and narrow confines of a normal wife and not attempt to have her own elaborate sideshow in the presidential villa as was the practice with past presidential wives.

Secondly, he was to ensure that appointments and recruitment into various positions and favours were granted only to persons who would agree to conform and be loyal to the president above all else.

The third brief was for the late Abba Kyari to keep an eagle-eyed interest on all the activities of the presidential appointees and ensure that what they did in their official and private capacities did not go contrary to the principles and world view of the president and his closely knit power circle.

Fourthly, the late CoS was to keep a keen eye on developments in the polity especially within the ruling political party the All Progressives Congress (APC) and ensure that the political interest of the president and his inner circle prevailed over any other.

The article further stated that in this role, the late Abba Kyari functioned as de facto president.

In the full knowledge of the powerful forces urging him on and the secrets he came to know of powerful personalities and their bearing on government and politics, he became indispensible to the inner circle of power on whose behalf he was operating.

In a tribute, President Buhari for whom the late Abba Kyari exerted himself in the manner he did, described him aptly as “the gatekeeper who was the best of us’’.

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