Anxiety as Nigerians fear lockdown could be extended, Gumi says markets and places of worship are two different things

COVID-19 cases on Sunday pushes total to near 6000

Monday, May 18, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Nigeria's covid-19 cases soared to almost 6000 following an increase of 338 new cases reported on Sunday by Nigeria's Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

This massive increase came as Nigerians hope for a positive news from the president who is set to address Nigerians later today, Monday 18th, on the administration's next line of action in its effort to rid the country of the virus.

Some governors have already lifted lockdown in their states against the advice of NCDC who warned that such poorly thought decisions could be detrimental to government's efforts toward defeating the deadly virus.

A Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has voiced concerns over moves to lift lockdowns by State Governors calling the move 'dangerous' and could expose Nigerians to danger.

He also said easing lockdowns so people could buy foodstuff is also dangerous, but necessary since government failed in its responsibility to care for the people forced to stay home. He however, noted that using markets as an excuse to open places of worship is foolishness since people can worship at home until it is safe to congregate again.

He said, "Using places of worship to justify lifting of lockdowns is not a valid reason. This is wrong for the governors to mention mosques as excuse because Islam does not permit muslims to go to the mosques during the period of pandemic. They can pray at home without going to the mosques.

"You are exposing people to danger,you can decide to ban the Lockdown for you to allow people to go and buy a foodstuffs, but you should count mosques out of your reason of lifting the ban," Dr Gumi was quoted as saying.

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