Breaking: Covid-19 has exposed fake leaders in Nigeria — Gumi

The Islamic cleric is furious.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has warned against gambling with lives of Nigerians by leaders who have done little to better the lives of the people, but who are quick to take decisions without carefully considering the implications.

The Islamic scholar in a Tafsir on Friday as monitored by Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa via Facebook live, said governors rushing to lift lockdown in their respective States aren't doing it because covid-19 isn't real, but because they have proven to be incapable or running a State during trying times.

His statement came following reports that certain Governors especially from the North, have lifted lockdown in their States despite growing numbers of covid-19 cases and reports of mysterious deaths in the region.

The sheikh said the governors are free to lift the ban in order to allow the people to visit markets for restocking and buy other foodstuffs. He said visiting markets became necessary due to failure by governors to provide palliatives to citizens who have been confined to their homes since March.

However, Gumi added that it unIslamic for Governors to lift bans on public gatherings particularly places of worships such as Mosques or Churches.

He said, "Using places of worship to justify lifting of lockdowns is not a valid reason. This is wrong for the governors to mention mosques as excuse because Islam does not permit muslims to go to the mosques during the period of pandemic. They can pray at home without going to the mosques.

"You are exposing people to danger,you can decide to ban the Lockdown for you to allow people to go and buy a foodstuffs, but you should count mosques out of your reason of lifting the ban," Dr Gumi was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country, with northern States recording most of the cases.

As at Friday 15th May, 2020, 288 new covid-19 cases were reported with total cases in the country standing at 5445, 1320 recoveries, and 171 deaths.

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