Nigeria is crashing, but the Igbos are not to blame

The union is not working out well.

Monday, May 11, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Nigeria's unity has been fractured in more ways than one, and the gulf in differences between the people only gets wider despite calls and attempts to mend fences.

Of all the ethnicities in the country, the Igbos have long made their stance clear that they want out of the union. They have their reasons, and although it might be seen as unjustifiable at the time, all past and recent happenings in the country tends to swing things in the Biafran's favor.

It might not sound pleasant in the ears, but the reality is that Nigeria's unity is not working. The country has been on the brink of collapse for years, but somehow still hangs on. But how long a fractured union would last is anyone's guess.

A recent post shared on a Facebook group Nigeria Peoples Parliament spoke on why one Nigeria will never work.

The post can be found below:

Alex Onyema CEO of Airpeace Airline evacuated Nigerians free of Charge from South Africa the same evacuation even Nigeria government are charging people during this Pandemic...

Alex Onyema volunteered his Aircraft to fly in Chinese Doctors with their Covid-19 aid to Nigeria which made history first time in Nigeria Aviation passenger flight will take off in Nigeria and land in China and return back directly to Nigeria too....

Now its time for business and Nigeria government chose Emirate Airline that charged Nigerians in UAE x2 which is N280,000 for economy class and N560,000 for business class for one way trip back home in the name of evacuation....

At the same time Nigeria government is negotiating with Ethiopian Airline to evacuate Nigerians from China the same country Airpeace voluntary donated its Aircraft to receive aid for Nigerian government...

The hatred this present government have on Igbos are so visible... Why on earth will you negotiate with other foreign companies to do business at a higher rate when you have indigenous company at a cheaper rate with a reliable service???

Will you tell me that this same thing will happen if Airpeace belongs to Dangote???

Airpeace Airline started international flights to UAE with two brand New Boeing 777 world best Aircraft makers and taking delivery of 13 brand new Aircraft this month making it 15 brand new Aircraft on their fleet... This is to show you they are capable of flying all Nigerians in at any capacity....

This same government started their scam campaign of buy Nigeria to grow Naira but they are buying foreign to wreck naira because of their hatred on Igbos..

The more you hate Igbos in business aspects the more you wreck Nigeria economy because Nigeria economy has never and will never survive without the Igbos... #IGBO means business and you can't hate business and have flourishing economy... It's mission impossible!!! Our DNA is business take it or leave it.

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