Nobody in Nigeria is a saint — Udom

He admits that the Buhari administration is currently stealing the nation's common wealth.

Monday, June 29, 2020

/ by National Pivot

If you are one of many Nigerians hoping for a better Nigeria in the no distant future, well, it seem you'd have to wait much longer. At least, that's according to George Udom who is one of Buharist core supporters.

The word 'corruption' is now sadly, a household name in Nigeria, and after many years and attempts by successive governments to rid the country of this cancer, it is sadly, very much alive and booming.

To many Nigerians, corruption is now viewed as a way of life. From the ordinary man on the street, to the seat of power, it takes a high moral standard and self discipline to not engage in corrupt acts.

President Muhammadu Buhari came to power with the pledge to nip corruption in the bud once and for all, and went on to introduce a change initiative know as 'Change Begins With Me'. Remember that? But it crashed catastrophically.

Nigerians simply want leaders who lead by example. They want leaders who run a transparent government and as well, encourage accountability at all levels. But sadly, even the self acclaimed Mr Integrity's government has been crowned the most corrupt administration since 1999.

Little wonder Mr George Udom included his master Buhari among 'people currently stealing' despite the country being on life-support since the current government came to power.

According to Mr Udom, no matter how much the Buhari administration steals in its 8 years of anti-corruption war, those waiting to succeed him will do much worse.

In a post he shared on his Facebook page, he said, "In NIGERIA the population of people waiting to STEAL is higher than the populations of people currently stealing. Are we not in TROUBLE like this?"

A better Nigeria surely, is not impossible to achieve. But, it might not happen in our own time. Unless the extraordinary happens, of course.
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