COVID-19: Something extraordinary is happening in isolation centers in Nigeria — Sani

Senator Sani thinks NCDC is hiding something.

Monday, May 25, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Nigeria is racing against time to one up the deadly covid-19 pandemic which since March, has held Nigerians hostage thanks to lockdown placed by the Buhari administration.

While covid-19 is undoubtedly real and spreading across the world, a good number of Nigerians remain skeptical of the actual status of the contagion in the country.

A number of discharged covid-19 patients who by their experiences should convince others of the severity of the disease, are themselves, unconvinced on whether or not they were actually carriers of the virus in the first place. But this could be due to ignorance on their part since after all, they're not experts.

Casting more doubts is the report of a viral video circulated on social media showing COVID-19 patients playing and dancing in isolation centres.

But in response to the report, the NCDC boss, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, said the fact that some patients are seen in videos playing and dancing in isolation centres does not mean they are not ill.

He said, “I think people really need to understand why people are being put in these centres. Normally, you only go into a hospital when you’re ill, get a diagnosis, and then you are sometimes admitted if you’re very ill.

“But in this case, following the experience from other countries, we made a decision as a country to also put people in isolation centres not just because they are ill on their own but in order to stop them from transmitting this virus to others."

He also said keeping people in isolation centers for weeks is no easy task since they could be psychologically impacted. To help ease the effects of boredom, he said certain things needs to be put in place for these people (in quarantine), so they could 'exercise and dance.'

But as usual, Senator Shehu Sani has a different perspective as he suggests dancing in isolation centers with a 'dosage of Chloroquine' could explain why many have recovered from the virus in the country.

In a post on Twitter, he wrote "In our Country, dancing to Reggae, Afro beat, Pop or Shaku with a dosage of Chloroquine in our Isolation Centers appears to have the healing powers for #Covid_19 patients.They dance,they post and they are discharged. Could this be the secret therapy the PTF doesn’t want exposed?"

Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases in the country could top 8000 on Monday as it currently stands at 7839 as at Sunday. 2263 people were discharged, with 226 deaths recorded so far.

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