We don't need Hitler as our president in 2023 — Residents attack El-Rufai over new covid-19 measures

Kaduna people aren't smiling right now.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has taken his fight against covid-19 to yet another level by introducing new measures to help impede the spread of the virus.

The governor in a press release on Friday May 1st, 2020, directed that marketers relocate to "temporary neighbourhood markets" located in public schools across certain parts of the State.

But the latest measure by the Governor drew backlash from residents who said the governor is confused and is out of touch with reality. Others called him a 'dictator' who must never be allowed to become the next president or vice president cone 2023.

Mahmoud Abdurrahman said, "Our GOVERNOR is confused... So how do you want people selling foods items to do, whose shops and goods are in those markets you closed? We shall see, if you like locked everywhere and kill everyone period. Over sabi Governor.. Don't forget this is rainy season."

Suleiman Muhammad said, "This is stupidity. Who ever support this, those not knw anything about marketing."

Engr Hs Sulaiman said, "You are becoming more of a dictator than a governor how can you ask people to move dia goods from secured market to unsecured place? Our primary schools that are now advanced public toilets? Have a rethink."

Anas Aliyu Garba said, "The first mistake Apc will make is to put you as presidential candidate or vice 2023 is the end of Apc
Dan duk arewacin Nigeria yanzu zaginka akeji."

Aliyu Musa said, "I'm sorry sir but this is a bad Idea, and very risky one!"

Muhammad Al-hafiz said, "No sensible trader will carry his goods to these aforementioned sites amid insecurity and hunger looming the state."

Bala Hassan said, "This isn't wise decision but not all know this. You locked people's goods inside market and you said they should go to the neighbourhood primary to do business. How can this be possible? This alone will force me to believe that our governor does things without thinking."

Bashir Abdullahi said, "Mr. Governor pls who's is going convey the goods for the traders? Or the goods are already in the temporary market? Don't forget those traders hav to carry their good from their shops and transport them to the temporary market and they will come across heavy traffic while going there, and this thing will happen between 10:00am- 4:00pm as u think. Nifa bangane inaso wani yayi mun bayanin inda haka zai yi wu."

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