We thought you were the messiah — Tijani replies Buhari over Yar'Adua

Buhari has been told his name is not worthy of mentioning next to late President Yar'Adua's.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Indeed, things have changed since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in 2015. But it wasn't the kind of change Nigerians especially those who thought ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was the worst thing to have ever happened to Nigeria since independence, had expected.

National Pivot previously published an article about the radical change in views of Buhari's loyalists who now feel scammed, and would want Jonathan back on the ballot come 2023, to make ammends for rejecting him in 2015.

One user who commented on Jonathan's post remembering his late boss, former president Umar Musa Yar'Adua, said he and many people in the North who ignored advice to re-elect Jonathan, want him back in 2023.

He said, "Thank you Mr Goodluck Jonathan ! Please sir, we want you back as Nigerian President, forgive our past misunderstanding and past atrocities towards your Government, we, at the end realize you are far better! I remember my late grandfather was encouraging us to vote for you and forget Buhari, but we were then blindfolded by Buhari's love. May Allah bless you GEJ and guide you to the right path."

President Muhammadu also spoke highly of Yar'Adua in his commemorative speech posted on his official Facebook page yesterday 5th of May, 2020.

He said," Despite our political differences, the late President Yar'Adua was unarguably a patriot because of his passion for the masses and his reversal of policies he believed were hurting ordinary Nigerians.

"Every leader should be given the credit that he deserves, whether you agree with President Yar’Adua politically or not, I must say that history will always record his honest and sincere service to the country.

"As we remember President Yar'Adua today, let us emulate his patience and gentle nature so that we don't introduce toxicity into our politics where opponents perceive each other as enemies.

"Let me also use this occasion to extend my prayers and goodwill to his family, and Katsina State Government on the 10th anniversary of his demise.

"May Allah continue to bless and comfort his gentle soul."

But the comments which followed the President's statement where more of disapproval than the usual praise singing by his supporters.

One Tolu Bobby Abiodun said, "Mr President sir.. with all due respect , you and our beloved former president Yarudua should not be mentioned in the same sentence as concerned democracy and governance.

"He is everything you are not, he respected rule of law, gave Independence to the judiciary, make economic policies that made life easy for the masses.

"You're not even worthy to write about him. I'm sick and tired of your administration."

Another supporter of the president, Abbas Bello Muhammad, said "‪Let’s face the reality, as it stands now, Buhari cannot rule even a Local Government Area, not to talk of a whole country. He’s weak and tired and has a very little knowledge of what’s going on in the country."

Mahi Tijani in his own comment, said President Buhari was well loved by his supporters, but left them feel embarrassed that their decision to trust him with their votes was a big mistake.

He said, "Mr President we loved you and voted you in with our tears and blood. Sincerely speaking, we the masses are not happy with the way things are working in this country.

"We thought you were the Messiah or the savior, but it seems like we were wrong. Our dream is to have a better life and nothing else, but life is getting harder day by day under your regime.

"Its still not too late, you can change for the better. Be like Yar'aduwa, copy his ways and implement his idea. Everything will be nice at the end."

Comments by others can be found below:

Rano Nasir, said "Sir I believe Yar'adua is 100% far better than you and your administration. Within 2years of his leadership Nigerian felt easiness and life became much more cheaper. But now under your administration, the poor masses are really enjoying Next level hardship."

Muhammad Hamidu said, "Sir I hope you emulate his vision for Nigeria because the way things are going it seems you don't have one. What have you achieved? Where do you see your policies taking us in the next five years? Nowhere"

Mansur Uzairu Ringim said, "Pls Sir, we do hope before now you will perform better than our beloved president (late 'Yaraduwa), but unfortunately even 10% of what he did you can't achieve... may this day give you courage to changed as you titled your So called Party (APC) with Change!!!"

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