First Lady Aisha, has been reduced to nothing in the villa — Fani Kayode laments

Questions on Buhari's whereabouts and or health status, still lingers.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

/ by National Pivot

Former Aviation minister and critic in chief of the Buhari administration, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, has said he has heard the details of what really transpired in the presidential villa, and felt that the first Lady, Aisha, has seriously been reduced to nothing.

He said irrespective of what one feels about the Buhari administration, the First Lady, deserves to be respected.

Kayode made the statement in a Facebook post on Sunday.

He said, "I have heard the details of what actually transpired at the Villa a couple of nights ago and I am utterly appauled.

"How can a Personal Assistant order his men to fire shots in the air in an attempt to intimidate and threaten Aisha Buhari and the President's children after hurling unprintable insults at them?

"No matter how one feels about Buhari and his Government this is unacceptable. The First Lady deserves to be respected.

"She also needs to be protected from the ruthless cabal of cruel and primitive misogynists that hold sway in the Villa before something terrible happens. You can't shoot guns to threaten someone's wife and still claim to love him.

"The insolent and heartless Personal Assistant that was responsible for this reckless affront and brutal assault ought to be grabbed by the scrotum, dragged to the front gate and thrown out of the Villa.

"He is a danger to the First Lady, a liability to the President and a disgrace to the nation."

Meanwhile, new findings showed that  the current crisis in the villa is likely fueled by an underlying issues within the seat of power, but covid-19 is being used as enough excuse to go up in arms against each other in the villa.

Aisha who is believed to not be in good terms with some powerful individuals in the Buhari administration, is said to have been under 'massive assauIt' by a group of powerful and almost untouchable individuals around Buhari.

Following the recent incident, it was gathered that Daura, Yusuf and other powerful individuals around Buhari had initiated several meetings to get back at Aisha, whom they consider to be blocking their plans in the Villa.

The squabble is now believed to have escalated to a power tussle between remnants of the cabal including Mamman Daura, Isa Funtua, and Tunde Sabiu.

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