Just In: There will be trouble if you fail to call your people out of southwest — Buhari warned

He said he's not afraid of speaking out, nor the consequences.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

/ by National Pivot

President Muhammadu Buhari has been warned of an impeding crisis should he refuse to call 'his people' out of parts of the Southwest where their presence is considered a threat. 

The warning which was made by an agitator for Oodua Republic, Sunday Adeyemo, in a video, said there is gross injustice in the country by the Buhari administration and as a man who hates injustice, he won't tolerate the presence of Fulani herders in the region.

He said he was not concerned about Nigeria but about issues pertaining to Oduduwa Nation as he called on other patriots to join in the fight for the liberation of Oduduwa, often used to refer to Yoruba people collectively.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “I cannot be discussing a country that cheats Yoruba people. We Yoruba should come together as one and send these people parking. No one will do it for us. Our senators are not doing anything.

"The senators watched herders kill a medical doctor who struggled, studied abroad. They killed a woman who built her own filling station and others. Should that be so?"

Igboho said he was certain that Yoruba elders are not happy with the killings, however, he challenged them to do a video pledging their support for the Herder's killings, if otherwise.

He said, "I’m sure the Kabiyesi is not happy with the killings, if they are, let them do a video and say so. They are not happy but they can't wear the battle armour to the front, we are the ones that will do it and I know they will support us."

He warned of impending doom if the herders do not leave Ibarapa by Friday (January 24, 2020).

He said, "Come and take your men away from Ibarapa, we don’t want such visitors. This will be more than #EndSARS. I’m not looking for popularity. I hate cheating. (Chief Obafemi) Awolowo said we would have to deliver ourselves. We are only going to Ibarapa on Friday to congratulate the people on the departure of the herders because they would have gone. They wouldn't want to dare us."
He commended the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, on the ultimatum given to herders to vacate the forest reserves in the state.
He said, "Ondo State governor did well. He has human feelings. If only other governors will emulate him. That man understands that the same people he is governing over are those being killed. He is a good man."
Igboho said the North was simply cheating Yoruba people because according to him, no Yoruba person would go to the North to build a palace and claim to be a 'Seriki' (Chief) of the area.
When asked if he feared the actions to be taken by the Nigerian government on the issue, he said he didn't care about what would happen.

He however urged President Muhammadu Buhari to relocate Fulani herders in Oyo State to other parts of the country, saying they were no longer needed in the South-West.
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