Just In: Buhari keeps frustrating Nigerians — Okorocha

A former Governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, has said President Muhammadu Buhari has exhausted himself while fighting a problem he doesn't or deliberately fail to understand.

The Senator who is representing Imo West, said the real issue tearing the country apart, is matters of injustice and pervasive poverty, but the Buhari administration has been busy with other things, and looking for who to blame.

He said Buhari's approach to issues has been frustrating, and is generating more anger in the country. 

Okorocha, who is also a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), stated this while hosting the less-privileged Nigerian Muslims at his private office in Abuja, on Tuesday.

The former Imo State governor, said the APC-led Federal Government, must begin to take steps to address injustice and tackle poverty in order to restore calm.

He said, “I will comfortably say 75 per cent are not happy at this moment. There is nothing productive that can come from this nation for as long as this alarming number remains unhappy. Whatever we can use to guarantee their happiness as a nation, we should do that.

“You can’t solve a problem unless you know the causative. The cause of our Nigerian problem lies in injustice and poverty and the quicker government moves to address the issue of injustice, the better it is for our nation to reduce the level of anger on the nation.”

Okorocha previously warned against injustice in the country, saying unless issues of injustice is addressed, the problems of the country will not end.

"As long as our politicians continue on the path of injustice, insurgency, kidnapping will never stop," he said.

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