Just In: You are a disgrace to Yoruba — Gbadamosi slammed Adesina

He said Adesina has sold his soul to the devil.

Friday, June 4, 2021

/ by National Pivot

A former gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Babatunde Gbadamosi, has expressed disappointment in presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina for trying to justify Buhari's controversial statement where he threatened fire and fury on those he said want his administration to fail.

Adesina in this week’s installment of his weekly column titled, ‘I Suddenly Remembered Why I Fell In Love With The President’, said what the country needs at this time is "iron and steel."

Adesina wrote, “The man (Buhari) we fell in love with is of iron and steel, one ready and willing to knock sense into contumacious heads, whipping everyone into line. And being kind to us in the process. A kind bully, if you like the oxymoron.”

He was reacting to the controversy generated when the president threatened those “misbehaving” across the nation that they would be treated “in the language they understand”.

“True. What our country needs at this time is iron and steel. An alchemy of GMB and PMB. We are in a democracy, yes, but democracy is no byword for lawlessness. If anybody misbehaves in any part, repeat, ANY PART, of the country, they need to be whipped into line.

 "The nation needs not go into a tailspin because some people bear giant sized grudges in their hearts. By the way, is there any part of the country that does not have one grievance or the other? Is the next option then to capsize the boat of the country? Any leader that has sworn to uphold the Constitution would not open his eyes, and see it happen.

“Leaders must do whatever they should do to maintain peace and tranquility in their countries. Their intentions will always be misinterpreted and misrepresented. No matter. The good of the larger majority must be considered at all times. North, South, East, West, anarchy should never be condoned, no matter what some people may say,” Adesina further wrote.

However, in response to Adesina's statements, Gbadamosi described Adesina as a 'buffoon' who sold his soul to the devil for a 'filthy lucre and the rotten trappings of his sleazy office.' 

“Femi Adesina is a buffoon. A conscienceless lickspittle who has sold his own den the river for filthy lucre and the rotten trappings of his sleazy office,” he wrote in a tweet.

But Adesina is not the only one in defense of the President. 

The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has said Nigerians cannot complain now, since the president they accused of being weak, is now proving them wrong.

He said, “I hope some elites who couldn’t find their voices to rein in their wards when their region burnt, will not suddenly find their voices against Mr. President!

“Those who screamed that it’s Mr. President’s duty to maintain law & order should NOT try to teach him how to do his job now.

“The anger some are displaying against the President’s resolve to be decisive in dealing with these scoundrels is an indication of their support for the destruction of public infrastructure because they want to cripple government. A pure case of cutting your nose to spite your face!

“A very unfortunate reasoning you read is that because insurgency is still prevalent in some other parts of the country, the President should just allow some villains destroy another region.

“It’s like a competition to bring the insecurity in one region at par with other regions!

“We were told they are UNKNOWN GUNMEN. But the moment the President vowed to deal with these ‘unknown’ elements, they have suddenly become known as INNOCENT CITIZENS in a part of the country!

“It is a case of ‘Cunning man die, Wayo man bury am’! A huge conspiracy blown wide open!”

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