We regret ignoring AIT's warning not to vote for Buhari in 2015 — Yorubas laments arrest of freedom fighter Igboho

"It is now obvious that this goverment is the one sponsoring bandit and Boko Haram"

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

/ by Bobby Adams

Following the arrest of Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Igboho, angry reactions from Nigerians especially from the Southwest region has taken over the social media. 

Recall that Sunday Igboho, was arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic by security operatives in the West African country on Monday night.

Igboho was arrested after fleeing Nigeria to evade arrest by Nigeria's secret police.

A source privy to his departure from Nigeria said he had perfected plans to secretly escape from Nigeria through Cotonou and was heading to Germany.

He was, however, nabbed by security operatives in the neighboring country.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, a source privy to the incident, said, "Sunday Igboho has been arrested in Cotonou. He was arrested about an hour ago.

"He was supposed to travel to Germany through Cotonou this night. He wanted to leave Africa through Cotonou. He was arrested by security operatives in Cotonou.

"They are planning to bring him back to Nigeria."

Reacting, Some of the Yoruba citizens who are not happy with the arrest of the freedom fighter have expressed regret for voting for buhari to be president of Nigeria in 2015. 

Below are some of the reactions National Pivot gathered: 

Olapeju Busayo, "It is now obvious that this goverment is the one sponsoring bandit and Boko Haram,if they can trace freedom fighters to another country and they can't trace Boko Haram and bandit that are inside Nigeria ,we regret voting for buhari many innocent blood in his hands, government of the terrorist."

Tunde Odeyale, "This current government is just putting more hatred in the mind of his people especially the Southerners. Arresting Sunday Igboho and Kanu is not the best, it will fuel more of discord, enmity among the south and the north and distance us more. Expect more of these guys, if not now but later...."

Douye Yinkore, "AIT warned Nigeria about buhari the tyrant, Antichrist, but Soyinka and Yoruba Christians ignored AIT and voted for change because of osibanjo,.I have question for Soyinka, Jonathan and buhari who have the character of king Nebuchadnezzar. Because Soyinka once insulted Jonathan by calling Jonathan king Nebuchadnezzar. Soyinka the unnecessary hatred you have Jonathan wll hurt you all the days of your life."

Oluwatosin Affinnih, "Shame ! Shame ! Shame ! Killers are parading our farms and highways but they are untouchable and unarrestable. Utter shame and show of shame! Confirms collisions in high places! But there's a God that lift up and bring down." 

Akanbi Idowu Ademola, "Why Sunday igboho arrest? We know he is our right , he doesn't want Fulani herdmen to destroy our farmland or kill people of oodua, please leave him, he is not terrorists,let him go free ,Mr President buhari, we have to patient with you till next 2023, what we see is very much bitter about it, solve it nw"

Adekunle Johnson A, "The way Hausas and Fulanis were rejoicing about this northern agenda baffled me. You people have a little period of laughter while everlasting agony is waiting for you. Eyin olórí burúkú gbogbo." 

Ndu Gracious, "There must be a light at the end of the tunnel. He is a freedom fighter and freedom fighters has three places to live in exile,prison or grave until freedom come. History will be kind to our freedom fighters.

God bless MNK

God bless Igboho" 

Fortune Bundo Kone, "Why is it so simple to arrest Southerners in other countries but Northern bandits, terrorist and herdsmen in Nigeria's backyard roam large?

Akanmu Taofeek Adeniyi, "Nigeria doesn't belong to Buhari and his northern Oligarchy! He can only enjoy the power awhile! He can't Suppress the truth forever! We shall meet in court! 2023 is equally near! God is our strength!" 

Adebisi Sowole Samuel, "Its a big shame that Yoruba people exposed him and because of selfish ambition of Yoruba people who are only cracy for powers. We shall see the end" 

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