Rice Pyramid: I will not be surprise if half of these bags are filled with sand, maize — Nigerians react

President Muhammadu buhari during the commissioning of rice pyramid in Abuja. 

Nigerians expressed mixed reactions following the commissioning of rice pyramid by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Abuja. 

Buhari had on Tuesday commissioned Rice Pyramids in Abuja.

The pyramids are located on the grounds of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

But some Nigerians on social media expressed doubt that there is possibility that not all the bags in the pyramid contain rice. 

Below are some of the reactions National Pivot gathered: 

Adepoju 'Yemi, "I will not be surprise if half of these bags are filled with sand, maize..... No be APC?

Tony Epke, "As the pyramid of rice storages is in Nigeria today,So also they should show us the pyramids of corps littering all over Nigeria,gather their bones togather,and the world will be shock to see how Nigeria government carelessly allowed Nigerians to be slaughtered by bokoharam terrorist and fulanis herdsmen terrorist / banditry,useless rice without security,does the death eats rice,rice is meant for the living."

Chidi Isidore, "Failed government, propaganda will never take you anywhere. Keep deceiving the weak minded and gullible supporters of this evil regime. They're full of regrets

Ja'usman Barry, "Is only when they want to commission project,we will know Nigeria still have a president,aside that,whossai.He is absent in terms of other things.PMB are you only there to commission projects????na wa oooooo.

Adeniji Idowu Id Aluta, "Honestly we are in trouble in this Country . So, they will use commissioning of rice pyramid to campaign for us next year again?

"Many many were wanle ooo"... In a ZhaaZhoo manner"

Greg Okhifun, "Nigeria needs to wake up from this nonsen.se. The world has outpaced this country, and Africa, at large. The world is expanding it's stake in science, technology, engineering, medicine and major fields of endeavor...we are here spending millions for a ceremony to commission bags of rice."

Ezekiel Olawale, "Upon all these propaganda, I still bought made in Nigeria Rice at ₦26k today, so what's the essence of this show?

While other countries are celebrating technology and science, APC led Nigeria government is busy celebrating rice pyramid that the whole Lagos State can finish within two days.

Are we still in 1945?"

Nze Ezechukwu, "After 7 yrs in office, after blocking our boaders, This is what Buhari regime produced to feed 200 million Nigerians....

Are we normal..

No Wonder starvation and hunger has increased in Nigeria and it's getting worst day by day..

God have mercy." 

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