2023: Tinubu will not make it — Eche

 There is still plenty of disquiet since the ruling party APC, decided to field an all Muslim presidential ticket ahead of next year's presidential election, and Buhari's endorsement of the arrangement, only seem to add more fuel to the flame. 

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has vehemently condemned the all Muslim arrangement, saying it only proves that the APC has a sinister agenda against Christians in the country.

In a recent speech delivered at a summit organised by APC Northern Christians Leaders Summit with the theme, "Righteousness Exalts A Nation, but sin a reproach to any people", held on Friday in Abuja, former House Speaker Hon Dogara argued that, the outrage over APC's all Muslim presidential ticket, is not about fighting Muslims, objecting Tinubu's candidacy, or Shettima's political ambition, but simply "about what is right and what is wrong. It is about justice, fairness and equity. It is about Nigeria; it’s diversity and how it can be harnessed in an inclusive manner for the greater good of all of us." 

He also said, "Truth must be told that anyone who is not bringing us together is consciously tearing us apart," noting that opting for same faith ticket does not respect the nation's diversity.

However, despite condemnations by all and sundry, the APC and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, seem to careless, nor do they seem worried about the implications of losing Christian votes.

Nevertheless, not all Northerners Tinubu is banking on to win the next election, seem to be in support of the all Muslim ticket, as some expressed regrets for bringing Buhari to power in the first place.

In response to a Facebook post by Buhari expressing his support for Tinubu, Abubakar Sadiq Alfa who is from Bauchi State, said, "Shame on you #Buhari. We are deeply regretting for choose you as our president."

"Unfortunately, people are dying day by day but you kept mute. I am northerner (Hausa man) but I am gonna vote #PeterObi because he deserve to be the president of great Nigeria. Finally, may almighty Allah treat you and your family the same way you treat Nigerians," the angry young man added.

Another commenter who seems to favor Atiku for president, Najeeb Salisu Yusuf, said "This is a clear indication that your party will be rigging the forthcoming general elections. We are adamant that Almighty Allah will not let the oppressors to win over the oppressed. As one, we can get it done. Let's be Atikulated."

Abdullahi Idi Garba, who appears to oppose the arrangement, said "Dead on arrival. May your party capsize come 2023 because of the evil and oppression meted on innocent Nigerians."

"The End Of Nigeria Is Now. 2023 Will Unveil Many Things. Thus, Even You Buhari Will Disappear. Mark My Word. Tinubu Will Not Make It," this one with the name Felix Eche, probably from the South, also said in a comment.

Aminu Isma'il, wrote "The most worst president in history. Buhari May Almighty Allah account you according to how you lead this great nation."

Pañan Gubam, who wrote in Hausa, said "Toh, ya yi.... Dukkan Ku za Ku sha wuta kuwa. Tsofofi masu laifi." This translates to, "It's ok. You all must feel the fire. Bunch of old sinners."

Lastly, Umar A Alaskan, also writing in Hausa, said "Mudai yan arewa bamu kirga riba agwamnatinkaba saidai muguwar asara, Amma ba komai akwi Allah." It translates to, "We Northerners benefited nothing from your government, except colossal losses. But there is God.

Perhaps like one of the commenters Salisu Yusuf said, Tinubu is probably counting on his party to use its presidential privilege to manipulate the election in his favor, or that he has his rigging strategy in place. This could explain the uneasiness in the Christian community, and Tinubu's lack of concern despite the outrage.

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