BREAKING: Alleged plot to use erasable pen during governorship elections, uncovered

An alleged plot to use fake biros to change vote figures during the upcoming governorship election in the country, has been exposed in a video that has since gone viral on Twitter. 

This allegation was disclosed by human rights activist, comrade Omotayo Williams, in a tweet where a video demonstration showing how the pen works, was attached.

This allegation came following the nation’s February 25th presidential election where several election result sheets were seen to have been damaged in attempts to change votes in favour of the ruling party, APC.

This poor attempt to change votes was a mistake those seeking to rig the coming governorship elections in the country, would want to avoid by employing the use of erasable pens. 

In the video demonstration, the ink from the pen could be seen completely wiped. Should this be allowed to be used in the Saturday 18th election, there is fear the rigging this time would be difficult to dictate.

"Wike has distributed fake biros to presiding officers for use on Saturday. The plan is to write result with the fake biro and erase it later, as the biros are like pencil. These demonic act are not democratic. Please take your biro to polling unit incase they decide to be stupid" Williams wrote in the tweet.

"Corper don’t allow us catch you with Wike’s fake biro to rig elections," he added.

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