About Us

National Pivot, owned and managed by Venato Media, was founded on November 21st, 2015, with the vision to meet the information need of a population yearning for reliable and objective news platform in Nigeria.

Formerly "Critical Times News", National Pivot has since grown to become one of Nigeria's most reliable news sources, covering topical issues within and outside the shores of Nigeria. 

Boasting of passionate editors who shared our vision of promoting objective reporting, all contents published are thoroughly analyzed to ensure balance and trustworthiness, so readers can be sure of nothing but information they can rely on.

Why we exist

The world has no shortage of media outlets, but many doesn't mean better. A lot of the information readers find across media sources both locally and internationally, are highly lopsided for the following reasons:
  • The media thrives by being bias
  • The focus is on reader's interests rather than being objective
  • Government control
  • Censorship
We understand the power of information, and the damage lack of access to reliable information can have on the public. Our goal therefore, is to ensure our readers are empowered with the right information so they can make informed choices.

We believe unfettered access to both side of the narrative is a right, and should not be taken away from the people. We believe the people should come first, and their voices heard.

We believe that only the truth, truly empowers.

Your Voice Matters

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We Are Social 

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