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Owned by Critical Media Group and formerly "Critical Times News", National Pivot is the go to destination for news and information on topical issues within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Our news coverage area includes politics, business, science and technology. All contents published are thoroughly analyzed to ensure balance and trustworthiness, so users can be sure of reliable information.

Why we exist

The world has no shortage of media outlets, but many doesn't mean better. A good number of Mainstream News Platforms across the world have been bought and paid for to serve certain interests. This makes access to credible and undistorted information hard to come by, which in turn, aids the spread of misinformation.

National Pivot however, is tailored to ensure readers are empowered with the right information irrespective of side of the divide. We also have dedicated sections like 'Voices' and 'Epicenter' meant to give our users a voice by getting their messages across. You can check out our Critical Voices page for details on how to submit a story.

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