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Formerly "Critical Times News", National Pivot deals with news on topical issues within and outside the shores of Nigeria. All contents published are thoroughly analyzed to ensure balance and trustworthiness, so users can be sure of reliable information.

Why we exist

The world has no shortage of media outlets, but many doesn't mean better. A lot of the information you find across media sources both locally and internationally, are highly lopsided for three reasons:
  • The media thrives by being bias
  • Big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, decide what you see and what is kept from you.
  • Government control
You'd be shocked by how much your life has been affected by the amount of information you've been denied for the aforementioned reasons. 

There's a global alliance to crackdown on objective reporting by suppressing people's right to uncensored information. This makes it difficult for people to know the real truth since available information is largely in favor of a particular narrative, usually the narrative someone or a group of persons somewhere, wants you to accept as the fact even when in reality, it's not.

We believe unfettered access to both side of the narrative is a right, and should not be taken away from the people. We believe the people should come first, and their voices heard. However, it's a thick cloud out there.

Governments across the world have compromised, yet want the people to keep clinging unto false hopes that all is well, when in fact, it's not. Their strength lies in cutting the people to size by not only denying them the quality of life they deserve, but also the information and liberty to demand for accountability.

We believe that only the truth, truly empowers. That's why we created a platform ruled by objectivity. We believe in balance and the right of the people to decide for themselves what to believe. 

Support our efforts to building a community of individuals who believe it's their right to decide for themselves, what is credible and what is fake. 

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